Bowflex BXT116 Results Series Treadmill Review

With the Bowflex Results Series BXT116 treadmill you can walk, jog and open your way to incredible shape and fitness results. The BXT116 offers many more features and when compared to other  competition BXT116 comes with many additional features such as multimedia support with USB charging capability, built-in burn rate and calorie console, and built-in speakers. If functionality and comfort are something you are looking for in treadmill than you should look no further and buy BXT116

Bowflex Results Series BXT116 Review

3.75 CHP Power Belt

BXT116 comes with high quality, 3,75 CHP power belt that is been engineered to enhance engine durability, delivering powerful performance at an affordable price. The BXT116 continuous power motor offers a smoother and quiet workout!

Comfort Tech

Finding a comfortable device is important. The Bowflex Comfort Tech design offers impressive impact absorption, a softer landing and unmatched support. In addition, with a large running area of 50.8×152.4, you can train in peace.

Soft Drop

When it comes to saving space, this treadmill is true piece of art. The products compact design  can fit into almost any room in your home. The Soft Drop design of the BXT116 offers a promise of safety with a gas shock folding system that offers slow deceleration at every bend.

Total effortless control

The new intelligent Bowflex design has been thought through to ensure a great user experience. The buttons allow easy navigation. Reagents, they guarantee you access and fulfillment of your training desires. Your incline, speed and programming are now at your fingertips.

Runsocial – Invite friends to run together

Set up new events for you and your friends. You can create a public event so you can join or have a private session for you and your friends.

You can use it on your IPad or IPhone, but if you want a larger picture, you can connect your Apple device to a TV screen. The screen is not only duplicated; the TV will display your video and your device will become a control panel.

Our Take on BXT 116 Results Series Treadmill

There was nothing left but to give this treadmill straight A+ in our review. It comes with all neccessary features and things we are looking for in treadmill and than some. It also gives you great fun with option to run and compete with your friends so your daily run will be more fun and competitive. Price range of this treadmill is also very affordable considering all the features this treadmill offers.

 Bwoflex BXT116 Features :

  • Engine / Speed: 3.75 CHP / 0.8-20 kmh
  • Incline: 0-15{fed4b62429415b0ac4e1a150908d84ca3c7c109fec4c54cd383d8447a5a38ea6}
  • 9 training programs:
  • Interval, fat consumption, calorie consumption, calorie goal,, heart rate, 5k, varied interval, Max 16 Min Interval, resistance, record your real-time training / personalization function. 4 user profiles
  • 19.1 cm LCD color screen
  • Display: Color, LCD backlit black
  • Sensor heart rate control (hands) and chest belt (cardio belt not included)
  • Bluetooth
  • Combustion rate console
  • Mechanical buttons
  • 2 buttons easy to use and at your fingertips
  • Design: Easy folding, without noise nuisance
  • Running surface: size: 51 x 152 cm. 3ply 2.5mm, light commercial belt
  • Platform / Rollers: 25mm / 70mm
  • Damping system: ComfortTech cushion cushions, 3 shocks durometer variable shocks
  • Safety Soft unlock button
  • Foldable (pivoting on the platform)
  • Transport wheels
  • Fan
  • Speakers
  • USB charging
  • Remote controls: Yes (2)
  • Other Features: Performance Tracking: Application Results, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, RunSocial
  • Maximum user weight: 170kg
  • Assembled dimensions: L x W x H (in cm): 214.8 x 92.2 x 140.2 (folded 133.4 x 92.2 x 170.2)
  • Net weight: 127.01 kg

Bowflex 116 in Video Review:

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